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The Richmond Coalition of Police is a full service local of the International Brotherhood of Police Officers, NAGE/IBPO,..More



As a full time police officer of the Richmond Police Department you have the right to join RCOP....More

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International Brotherhood of Police Officers
Legal Services 

At some point in police your career,  you will need professional legal assistance. 

      Whether itís the unsettling prospect of an internal affairs investigation, or an incident in which you have to choose to take another person's life by deadly force, the IBPO will be there in your time of need.

The IBPOís legal services for members include:

  • Representation on work-related matters in which officers must appear before third parties on grievances when they have been charged with breaching their sworn responsibilities as police officers.
  • Representation on matters that result from an officer acting in the capacity as a duly sworn police officer.
  • A team of dedicated staff labor attorneys who specialize in police affairs that reviews current cases and changes in labor law that affect officers on the job.
  • An attorney-of-the-day service that can quickly assess a situation and offer legal guidance during normal business hours.
  • Emergency response 24/7 to critical incidents involving officer shootings or high-speed chases resulting in death or serious bodily injury.
  • Representation on work-related matters when other legal authorities are involved in the investigation.
  • The IBPO does not represent officers on criminal matters when (a) they are not acting in the capacity of duly sworn officers of the law; (b) admit guilt to a crime or desire to reach a plea agreement to settle a criminal affair.
  • Access to a legal network at reduced rates for non-job related issues like wills, home closings, family matters, etc
  • Engages outside counsel when the IBPO General Counsel believes it best serves the interest of its members.


Q:        Can I call the union attorney directly?

A:        Your initial request for an attorney should be coordinated with the designated representative assigned to your local. Once your case has been assigned to an attorney, you certainly may contact that attorney directly.

Q:        Will a union attorney represent me if I am criminally charged?

A:        The union does represent police officers in criminal matters on job-related issues (assault & battery, excessive force, etc.), but does not represent officers on personal issues like domestic violence, driving under the influence, etc.

Q:        Will a union attorney represent my interests even when the city provides an attorney?

A:        It is usually in the best interest of the police officer for the municipality to provide a defense in a civil lawsuit. The IBPO does work with officers and the municipality on the case and does monitor the proceedings. The IBPO will intervene if there is a conflict. 

Q:        Will I receive legal representation if an incident occurs when I am off-duty acting as a sworn police officer?

A:        The IBPO does provide legal representation at the administrative level within the department for off-duty conduct. For off-duty criminal conduct, please see Question 2 above.

Q:        Is union membership some type of pre-paid legal defense plan?

A:        No.

Q:        Does the IBPO provide a local attorney or do I have to use a lawyer from IBPO Headquarters?

A:        It depends on the proximity of your local to a regional office or whether a local attorney has been specifically retained to service your local.

Q:        Is there a cap on legal fees the IBPO will incur on my behalf?

A:        No.




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Legal Plan

Whether itís the unsettling prospect of an internal affairs investigation, or an officer involved shooting RCOP will be by your side....More

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